Romantic Ideas: Rent a Jacuzzi

Romantic Ideas when you hire a hot tub

Are you looking to surprise your partner with a romantic evening in a hot tub? Why not rent a jacuzzi from Devon hot tub hire, we have hot tubs available to hire as well as all the top tips and tricks in the book to make the evening one to remember so read on to find out how you can transform one of our inflatable hot tub’s into a dreamy paradise…


The romance begins with the invitation. It is important to create a romantic invitation – steer away from plain and boring! Avoid doing it over a phone call or a simple text message. Write a sneaky little note and slip it to your partner or lay out a robe to hint that there is a surprise waiting for them! Avoid telling them that you have planned a hot tub… this creates suspense and anticipation. Devon Hot Tub Hire has you covered with the delivery, installation and collection of the hot tub so you just focus on creating the romantic details.


Boost your experience by renting a jacuzzi from Devon Hot Tub Hire, by making sure to focus on choosing the best spot possible for us to set up the hot tub. Keep the element of romance in mind. Location is very important! Choose a spot where you can relax, away from the neighbours vision or passers-by. Privacy is essential in making this night a success. To boost the romance even more, suggest to Devon Hot Tub Hire that you would like us to set up the tub in your garden, somewhere with low lighting. Somewhere with a light, cool breeze would be a plus as this makes the environment even more intimate. We all know that stargazing is possibly one of the most romantic things you can do, so try and choose somewhere that you can get a clear view of the stars or if the weather does not permit, somewhere that we can set up some fairy lights to create the impression of a starlit night. Making sure the tub is the right size is also something to keep in mind, however to make it easier for you – we suggest you should rent a jacuzzi that is suitable for 2-4 persons as this is perfect for a romantic night for two!


Lighting will play a very important role. If the lighting is not dim enough, add some extra dim lighting features to set the romantic mood. Choosing lighting that is too bright can ruin the ambiance and the whole experience will not be as romantic. Devon Hot Tub Hire has warm lighted fairy lights available to add to your jacuzzi hire. Candles also work very well but try to avoid placing them too close to the hot tub as this may not be the safest option. Be clever with the placing of the candles so that they are in a safe position. Line the path leading to the hot tub with small candles or down the steps leading to the hot tub but again, be sure to place them in a safe position to allow enough space to walk.


Devon Hot Tub Hire suggests, to create an even stronger sense of romance, light some scented candles examples being – cinnamon, rose, vanilla, jasmine and strawberry. If you would prefer some exotic scents then try coconut, sandalwood or amber. A lot of studies have proven that scent has a very strong link to sexual attraction, but it can be hard to find a candle fragrance that everyone will like. Generally we suggest avoiding any scent that is overpowering and too strong. We are sure that you will have a good idea of what your partner might like.


Devon Hot Tub Hire provide great, good quality jacuzzies to rent but there is no harm in spicing it all up with some decorations. We strongly suggest using flowers! Who doesn’t love flowers! Roses are probably the most romantic flower you can choose, what better way to create the romantic magic than by scattering some rose petals to set the mood. Maybe all over the floor and along the pathway leading to the hot tub – go wild! We do suggest avoiding filling the hot tub itself with rose petals as this may block the filter … sorry to bring in technicalities into the mix – back to the romance!


We have all had those romantic music moments, its special! An effective way to get the senses going and create a romantic mood is by playing some romantic music. Not only can you rent a jacuzzi, we also have waterproof bluetooth speakers available to hire. Put some time aside to put together a romantic playlist and research some of the songs that your partner would enjoy. Be sure to add slow, soothing songs to build the intimacy. It works every time! Try and keep the volume of the music low when in the hot tub so that you can still make clear conversation with your partner. Devon Hot Tub Hire suggests, instrumental music.


Any romantic occasion would be incomplete without some food and drinks. Preparing a feast is not necessary but some light snacks would be a great touch! Preparing the food on your own, makes it even more special instead of ordering takeaway food. Unfortunately at Devon Hot Tub Hire can only rent out jacuzzies (and loads of extras) – we can’t help with food! We think you will be more than capable though. Get your chef hat on! Possibly use a silver tray to place your finger food on and decorating with some more rose petals to add that touch. Oysters are a good one, and so are chocolates and strawberries. Don’t forget a bottle of champagne or wine to complete it all! We can provide the champagne or wine at an extra cost just let us know when you rent a jacuzzi.


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