Create an Oasis in your backyard when your hire a hot tub in Exmouth

Create the ultimate backyard Oasis when you hire a hot tub in Exmouth!

When you hire a hot tub in Exmouth from Devon hot tub hire, we will have you relaxing in no time! Our hot tubs are just what you need if you are looking to create you every own back garden retreat. When you hire a hot tub Exmouth it gives you the opportunity to have a little bit more “me time.” Every day life always has its stresses, always a million and one things to be done – the house needs to be cleaned, pressured deadlines at work, the children won’t stop arguing… but just think for a second… What if there was a way of just simply stepping out into your garden and being able to float away into a bubbling heaven of serenity and calmness? That’s where Devon hot tub hire are your Exmouth Hot Tub Hire dream team! We can help make all of that possible – come on, what are you waiting for? We are only a phone call away or check out our website at

All the lockdowns have made people cherish every second of being outdoors and crave being outside. We have been contacted by several B&B owners wanting to hire a hot tub from us for their guests who want the added luxury of having a hot tub for their getaway. Hot tubs are the perfect way to destress and unwind, being outside does not have to be all about “packing in as much as you can in one day” – it can also be about just sitting back and relaxing in a hot tub  from hot tub hire Exmouth and just enjoying the fresh air in a calm environment. Exmouth Hot Tub Hire gives you the opportunity, while staying in your B&B, to escape the business of everyday life while forgetting about technology. We work with a lot of B&B owners to create the perfect stay for their guests so when you are next in Exmouth… why not hire a hot tub from Exmouth hot tub hire for your B&B stay?

Some B&B’s have a wonderful sea view giving you the perfect position to place a hot tub! Just imagine sitting back in bubbling hot tub while enjoying the view with a lovely sea breeze blowing through your hair – sounds like heaven right? The mesmerising waves and the sound of the ocean will definitely be enough to whisk you away into a calmer place – why would you need anything else? Exmouth Hot tub hire can make all of this possible for you. On the other hand, if you are not located by the seaside, choose a spot in your garden that gives you the best view, be it by a beautiful rose bush or little garden pond? – Hire a hot tub Exmouth can set it up for you in your chosen spot. We do everything from the delivery and installation to the collection at the end of your hire. Having the hot tub near a seating area is handy if you are keen to keep things nice and social so placing it near easy access seating could be an option too!

Having good quality garden lighting can really boost the mood! Good garden lighting plus a bubbling hot tub equals ultimate zen! Hot tub hire Exmouth also hires out fairy lights so let us know if you would like us to include some fairy lights in you hire. Why not get creative and light some candles, lanterns and even some different shaped lights? Creating a spa pamper session doesn’t always have to happen in doors – why not get in touch with hire a hot tub Exmouth and book yourself your very own hot tub spa and create a relaxing spa day outside in your garden! Enjoy the relaxation and remember to breathe in… and out…

If you would prefer something practical, portable and affordable, then an inflatable hot tub from Hire a hot tub Exmouth might be the best option for you! Our tubs come in a variety of different sizes and all have great functions. The bubble function offers an extra feel of relaxation and zen. Our hot tubs are quick and easy to set up and install and provide the perfect backyard retreat that you’ve been looking for without the hassle and commitment of having a permanent hot tub fitted. A Lay-z-spa inflatable hot tub from Exmouth hot tub hire gives you the same level of relaxation and the same added health and mindfulness benefits that a permanent, solid one would but. At half the price! These hot tubs are incredibly versatile and give you the opportunity to choose your proffered set up spot!


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