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Jacuzzi hire this Winter

If you are looking to hire a hot tub in Devon, head over to our online booking page, or simply call us today and we will book you in. If you are looking for some of our top tips then feel free to read on. For many people, the decision on whether to contact Hot Tub Rental Plymouth depends a lot on the weather… well it does not have to be that way because we have put together some pointers on how to fully enjoy your jacuzzi hire this winter, yay!

 Unfortunately we are not blessed with year-round sunshine here in the UK but we have some good news for you… you definitely don’t have to wait until May to book a jacuzzi hire! Sitting in a hot tub in chilly weather is a fantastic relaxation space for your friends and your family. Hot tub rental Plymouth have tubs available to rent all year round! Venturing outside in the cold weather can be tough, so why not create your very own warm winter oasis in your backyard? Sounds good right?!

Tip 1:

PREPARATION – More often than none, your hot tub will be set up within walking distance from your back door. Don’t worry – we will make sure that your jacuzzi hire is placed only a few steps away. We recommend that you take some time to prepare a path to your jacuzzi making sure that it is slip proof! Invest in a robe or dressing gown (if you haven’t got one already) to keep you warm while you walk to the jacuzzi. A pair of slippers or sandals might be handy too. You don’t want your toes getting frozen! When you decide on a hot tub rental Plymouth keeping yourself as warm as possible during the walk as we all know what it feels like when getting into warm water while your body is still cold – it takes a while to adjust.

Tip 2:

KEEP YOUR JACUZZI COVERED – Hot tub rental Plymouth provides a cover for every hot tub so we suggest keeping it clipped on tightly when you are not using the hot tub to avoid any heat escaping which will keep the water lovely and warm. Be sure to remove any snow from the top of the cover to keep the water as warm as possible.

Tip 3:

A TOWEL AT THE READY – We all know what it feels like when you get out the shower or the bath and realise you don’t have a towel, it is rather unpleasant to say the least. Getting out of a hot tub and not having a towel feels the same. A towel is not only comfortable but it also stops your body temperature from dropping. Have a warm, fluffy towel at the ready next to your hot tub to make your jacuzzi hire this winter that much more enjoyable. Having it right next to the hot tub will save you walking in the cold to go and grab one.

Tip 4:

WEAR A HAT – Who doesn’t love a warm wooly hat in winter? There is nothing worse than having wet hair in cold temperatures. Wearing a warm hat or beanie while sitting in the hot tub will keep your head nice and warm and stop any heat from escaping through the top of your head while the rest of your body is submerged in the hot bubbling water of the hot tub.

Tip 5:

ALCOHOL – We all know what the term “beer blanket” means. Funnily enough – its a real thing! Why not crack open a bottle of red wine or some beers and sit back and relax with hot tub rental Plymouth. We have got you covered this winter. Make your own homemade mulled wine – I mean, what could be better? Get into the Christmas spirit and experiment with some different Christmas themed cocktails? Or if you’re looking for something non-alcoholic why not a creamy hot chocolate? This all sounds great right? Get in touch with us at hot tub rental Plymouth to book yourself your very own winter wonderland oasis in your back yard.

Aside from the tips and tricks above, you could set up some fairy lights and wintery decorations to really get the winter spirit going. If you do not have your own fairy lights do not stress – we have a selection of lights that you can add to your rental package! We also have some other extras such as head rests, cupholders, waterproof speakers and gazebos to make your winter jacuzzi hire that much more enjoyable. Get in touch and let us know how we can help you set up the perfect winter escape in your own backyard or garden. Get creative this winter and make getting through this chilly season that much easier. Our hot tubs reach a high of 40 degrees Celsius and have a powerful bubble function. There is honestly nothing better than sitting back in a hot tub and forgetting about all the stresses of everyday life!

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