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How to enjoy a hot tub hire in Plymouth while you're working from home

During the pandemic, working from home has become the new normal for a lot of people. It definitely took some getting used to at the beginning but people very quickly slipped right into the “work from home routine.” Although it can be difficult at times – working from home does have some advantages. Here at Devon and Cornwall hot tub hire, you can hire a hot tub in Plymouth. We found that our inflatable hot tubs were incredibly popular thought out lockdown and have continued to be popular now that more and more people are choosing to work from home.

One of the benefits is the opportunity to be flexible with your routine. When you hire a hot tub in Plymouth right to your door, it can really add some valuable benefits to your daily routine while working from home. Our inflatable lay-z-spa hot tubs can be positioned anywhere in your garden and have the added benefit of being a few steps out your back door to be used at any time of the day (without the pressure of having your boss around!)

 Let us have a look at all the variety of options (now that you have decided to hire a tub from Devon hot tub hire) you can slot into your routine while working from home… exciting right?!

1) Hot tub hire morning routine

Forget about the idea that time in the hot tub was only for the weekends, throw that diabolical idea away! You now can hove a hot tub hire in Plymouth from Devon hot tub hire hot tub from to look forward to every morning! Why not wake up a bit earlier in the mornings before work to kick-start the day with a relaxing soak in the hot tub. Here at Devon and Cornwall hot tub hire, we strongly believes that a morning soak before getting going 100 % boosts your positivity and inner peace before tackling the days tasks. Working from home means that your morning routine can be a lot more relaxed – why the rush when you’ve got a hot tub right on your doorstep? You don’t even have to drive to work! All you have to do is make the journey right outside to your hot tub from Plymouth Hot Tub Hire

With all the extra time on your hands in the mornings, it give you the perfect opportunity to get in some hot tub zen time and self-care. Make your easy mornings magical in a hot tub, to mentally prepare yourself for the day ahead while at the same time loosening up any tight muscles that you may have. Do you enjoy working out? Why not combine an early morning workout session with a relaxing soak in the hot tub – sounds great right?!

2) Hot tub lunch routine

We’re not exactly sure who told you that lunch breaks were strictly for eating only… but here at Devon hot tub hire have a different take on it. Why not split your lunch break up and use half of it for a revitalising soak in the hot tub for 20 minutes or so? Spending a long period of time in front of the computer screen can be draining and tiresome. There is nothing that some much needed hydrotherapy can’t fix! A soak in the hot tub can be just what your mind and body needs to prevent a heavy state of find at the end of the day, at least that’s what us at hot tub hire Plymouth think!

3) Mid-afternoon hot tub routine

One of the joys of working from home, is being able to be in charge of your own schedule. There is no one chasing you on your whereabouts or what you’ve managed to get done that day – joyous right? We all tend to start feeling tired and sleepy by mid-day. We sometimes feel mentally drained and lethargic. Hot tub hire Plymouth think – forget about the coffee boost you’ve been craving! We all know that a caffeine fix doesn’t last for long. Instead… make your way to your hot tub that hot tub hire Plymouth set up in your garden for you! We promise you that this will fix all the mental and physical needs you may have after sitting in front of a screen all day. Putting your phone down or switching your laptop off for even just half an hour so that you can enjoy some time in the hot tub may just be the answer you need. Finish the day feeling strong and rejuvenated! Plymouth Hot Tub Hire have also done a lot of research and some time in the hot tub can reduce or even prevent the chance of getting a headache and sore muscles caused by a long and tiresome day at work.

Evening hot tub routine

Having said all of the above, if you are an individual that would rather work right through the whole day without a break then a hot tub soak in the evening would be better for you. Instead of “driving home from work” – you can head straight to the hot tub to enjoy a relaxing soak under the stars. Whatever time you choose to use your hot tub – your body will be so grateful for the benefits that a hot tub from Plymouth Hot Tub Hire can bring to your daily routine.

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