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Hot tub rental for your backyard: An oasis for family fun and family games

If you are looking to rent a jacuzzi in Devon, head over to our online booking page where you will be able to see what hot tubs we have available and what dates we have available. If you would prefer to chat over the phone about your hire then give us a call on 07365374563. If you would like to know more about hot tub rentals in Devon then feel free to read on.

Rent a jacuzzi for your backyard and surprise your family with some hot tub fun! Our inflatable lay-z-spa hot tubs are suitable for all ages be it young and old. Children absolutely love splashing around in water and playing games whereas adults treat the hot tub as a peaceful and relaxing space to kick back and unwind. Hot tub rental in Devon has proven to be extremely popular for all age categories and what’s great about combining “adult time” in the hot tub with “kiddies time in the hot tub” is that it creates a fantastic way to have meaningful family time together. After all, you hired a jacuzzi with the hope of getting the most out of it right?

Hot tub rental in Devon gives you the perfect opportunity to create a place for the whole family to hang out. After you rent a jacuzzi, the kiddies will 100% stop pressing you for “more play time.” Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can transform your back garden into a space for the whole family to relax, enjoy and have fun in.

Rent a jacuzzi and come up with some great games

Why not rent a jacuzzi and invest in a water resistant pack of cards for your next family games night? Mixing it up a bit might just entice everyone to stop what they’re doing and cancel any other plans and decide to hop in the hot tub! Deciding to go ahead with a hot tub rental for your family games night does mean you have to get creative… so another cool idea would be to invest in some floating board games!


Hot tub rentals mean water… lots of water. This means that sitting in a hot tub full of water would mean that you are in one of the few places you wouldn’t want to bring your phone or any other electronic device. When you rent a jacuzzi you are making if easier to insist that your kids stop looking at their screens and leave them inside. This rare opportunity without the distraction of a device in their hands or your hands, allows parents and their kids to chat and make conversation, relax and to grow as a family. It is a special time to spend bonding and reconnecting with your family. Life is too short to ignore precious time with loved ones.

Quick science lesson

While the hot tub maintenance is at the bottom of your child’s list of priorities, getting them involved in the cleaning and upkeep can be fun and a time to bond. With each hot tub rental, we at Devon Hot Tub Hire give a thorough run-through of how to keep the hot clean during your hire, so encouraging your kids to help you out when you are cleaning the filter and putting the chlorine in could be a great opportunity to give them a quick science lesson! Teach them how to clean the filter properly with the hosepipe and speak to them about the importance of the chlorine and what it does when sprinkled in the water. NB – always supervise chemical usage and make sure to keep chemicals out of reach of children. Kids absolutely love it when we come and install the hot tub in your garden and then collect it at the end of your hire – they are always fascinated with the process and what is involved. Where there is water, there is always fun!

Invite some friends over

You may quickly be known as the “fun neighbors” once you rent a jacuzziyour house could possibly be the new popular spot! Sometimes having to pull your kids away from their friends isn’t a fight worth having. Why not invite their friends over to yours so they can all have some fun in the hot tub! This is a great opportunity to get to know your kids friends in a more chilled out environment. Having no electronic devices around while they play in the hot tub, gives your kids the chance to work on their conversational skills and to get to know their play mates better.

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