How do I clean the filtration cartridge of my Intex inflatable spa?

After a long day at work, you just want one thing: relax in your Intex inflatable spa, and you are right!

But for safe moments of relaxation in healthy and clear water, you must not neglect filtration, particularly the cleaning of the filter cartridge!

After seeing what the filter cartridge in your Intex spa is used for, you’ll better understand why it is essential to clean it regularly.

What is the filter cartridge for my inflatable spa used for?

The filter cartridge, installed inside your inflatable spa, is essential for clean and healthy water during your moments of relaxation!

The first step in treating the water is good filtration. Indeed, the water in your spa is constantly polluted by nature (wind, rain, sun, dust) and by you, who bring cosmetics or organic substances.

The filter cartridge will then filter the water to rid it of all its impurities and thus avoid most water-related problems. The filter cartridge, composed of dacron fiber tightly folded into a cylindrical shape, will retain all the impurities present in your spa water.

But, if the filter cartridge is clogged, it will no longer provide good filtration of the water, and therefore the water will become cloudy. So, don’t wait until the water turns cloudy, and clean your inflatable spa’s filter cartridge regularly!

How to remove the filter cartridge from its housing?

First, before changing the cartridge, completely turn off your inflatable spa: filtration, bubbles, jets, heating.

The spa filter cartridge is located in the gray housing against the inner wall of the inflatable spa. To remove it, unscrew the housing cover by turning it counterclockwise.

Now the filter cartridge is visible, all you have to do is remove it. To do this, simply slide it towards you to dislodge it from its base. If you can’t get it out of its case, check that there is no disturbing debris (grass, fabric, branches, etc.).

How do I clean the filter cartridge of my Intex spa?

Once the cartridge is removed from the case, you can easily see whether it needs cleaning or not. A clean cartridge is white in color, while a dirty cartridge is gray/brown.

To clean your filter cartridge, a simple cleaning with clean water is enough to give it a second youth. Then use a jet of water with sufficient pressure to loosen the impurities.

With all the wrinkles, it can be tedious to clean your Intex spa’s filter cartridge. Filter cartridge cleaners exist to simplify your life!

When should I clean my inflatable spa filter cartridge?

Depending on the location chosen to install your inflatable spa and the frequency of use, the water will be more or less polluted by the natural elements and bathers.

Remember to check the condition of your spa’s filtration cartridge every 2 to 3 days during the summer. It allows you to prevent cloudy water problems and the appearance of error codes related to the spa filtration.

The filter cartridge should be cleaned twice a week using a garden hose and a cartridge cleaner. It filters the water in your spa for two weeks. Beyond that, you will have to change it to ensure good filtration in your spa.

For an extended duration of your filter, minimize the intake of impurities in your spa water such as sunscreen, makeup, grass, leaves, etc.

Connect to a garden hose; the cartridge cleaner allows you to clean your filter cartridge deeply. Indeed, the cleaning gun is equipped with teeth that will remove the dirt-encrusted in the folds without damaging them.

If you are in an area with hard water, immerse the filter cartridge in a white vinegar/water mixture for about 1 hour to descale it. Then rinse it with clean water to remove all traces of vinegar.

Once the cartridge has regained some of its white, hold means it is cleaned. You can then put it back in the box and close the cover.

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