Hot Tub benefits for weight loss

Does the hot tub make you lose weight?

It’s a question that many ask from us. Or, more generally, does it have beneficial effects on the body? We try to answer these questions by giving you some indications for using the hot tub as a tool to help weight loss.

Can you lose weight simply by having a hydromassage? There is no scientific evidence that demonstrates a direct relationship between the hot tub and weight loss. More comprehensive studies are needed in the future to support the link between hot tubs and weight loss. However, some factors favor weight loss, and these are also connected to taking a bath in a hot tub full of bubbles.

So far, no scientific studies have shown that hydromassage is a source of instant weight loss. But there’re many things that affect our weight. In many cases, weight gain is due to stress factors caused by external agents, which generally causes negative reactions in our body. It lowers the immune defenses, makes us sadder and less attentive. By taking a bath in a hot tub, we can reduce our stress. It relieves our food cravings like snacking late at night and reduces stress eating.

Physical benefits of the Hot tub

There are also physical benefits to the use of the hot tub. They’re indirectly connected with weight loss. They have their own importance in our general well-being:

  • Dilation of blood vessels and consequent improvement of circulation
  • Body massage and stimulation of lymphatic circulation
  • Reduction of muscle tension
  • Reduction of stress and anxiety
  • Regulation of the wake-sleep rhythm

These physical benefits of a hot tub are provided in three ways:

  1. The heat in hot water increases circulation by dilating blood vessels.
  2. The absence of gravity relieves joint stress by reducing weight by 90%.
  3. The powerful jets soothe tensions and anxieties with the massage.

These elements work together to provide several benefits that enable our customers to lead a more active and fulfilling life.

Feeling your best every day, including your hot tub, as part of a daily ritual. You will have physical benefits, but also psychological and mental benefits. For some precious moments, immersed in hot water, it’s possible to withdraw from the outside world and re-emerge regenerated. With a Hot Spring Jacuzzi, it’s easy to make your well-being a priority.

A hot tub is a trendy tool for its benefits on physical fitness and body health. It is often used for the benefit of the figure and to burn calories in association with a constant practice of physical activity and diet. Losing weight with the hot tub is not a utopia but is becoming an increasingly concrete reality. Before understanding how many calories are burned with the hot tub, let’s open a little parenthesis to analyze how it can be our best ally.

How Many Calories are burned by the Hot Tub?

The contributions of the spa to physical fitness are well known. Several sector studies confirm this, among which the research of the American doctor Talpur, a tenacious supporter of the correlation between this practice and weight loss, stands out. Having two or three sessions a week in a hot tub would help to reduce blood sugar levels due to the reactivation of the metabolism, becoming an effective remedy also against diabetes.

Scholars have discovered that soaking in the bathtub for at least an hour with very hot water (at 40 degrees centigrade) allows you to burn 126 calories: the same consumed with a 25-30 minute walk. It would also keep blood sugar at bay for more than an hour of pedaling on a bicycle or stationary bike.

To fully understand how many calories can be burned, it’s also necessary to consider other parameters, for example:

  • Lifestyle
  • Diet
  • Body composition
  • Previous pathologies

A person with a bodyweight of around 70 kg can burn about 17 calories for 15 minutes in the tub, but it’s obvious that these parameters must be related to age and health conditions. Those who lead a healthy and active lifestyle will undoubtedly have greater advantages than those who don’t practice physical activity. The case is different about sedentary people, for whom more important stimuli will be needed that affect a real change in lifestyle.

Furthermore, the presence of good muscle tone or the prevalence of fat mass compared to lean mass can have a significant impact as muscle has a higher calorie expenditure than adipose tissue. It means that to understand how many calories are burned with the hot tub, it’s necessary to analyze various body parameters without neglecting any pathologies that may affect energy needs.

Therefore, consuming calories with the hot tub is possible, provided that the practice is accompanied by a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet. It’s a fundamental ally that will allow you, on the one hand, to maintain your weight and, on the other, to benefit from moments of magical relaxation inside your home.  The hot tub will become an integral part of your wellness and body care routine.


Are you ready to experience daily life that relieves pain and maintains health? Having a hot tub at home makes it easy to incorporate exercise into your daily life. Get in touch with us to hire Hot Tub at an affordable price.

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